Finksburg to Westminster

115 kV Line Rebuild


Miles of Line

0 kV

Project Need

The proposed Project is required to improve safety and reliability for communities, and to maintain critical infrastructure.

Aging Infrastructure
  • Extensive bird hole damage requiring wood pole replacements, stream encroachment, steel structure and hardware degradation.

Substantial Site Access Constraints
  • Portions are “land locked” between the North Branch of the Patapsco River and a railroad line with no clear access paths.
  • Steep terrain creates access challenges with needed maintenance and construction equipment.
  • Various locations are not accessible for routine maintenance and emergent issues.

Significant Environmental Challenges
  • Unavoidable Environmental Crossings: (9) wetlands; (5) tributary streams; (1) temp bridge crossing of upper West Branch – N. Branch Patapsco River; (4) Floodplains

Project Description

  • Rebuild/replace existing structures with new structures over 12 miles between Finksburg and Westminster Substations in Carroll County, Maryland.
  • Westminster Substation Serves 27,000 customers
  • Finksburg Substation Serves 23,000 customers


  • Will be provided as it becomes available.


Q1-2018 - Q2-2019

Phase 1 Study

Q1-2018 - Q2-2019

Phase 1 Study

Q3-2019 - Q3-2021

Project Planning

Q3-2021 - Q4-2023

Phase 2 Design & Engineering / CPCN / Permitting / Real Estate

Q1 2024 - Q4 2025

Construction Execution

Q4 2025

Project In-Service

Contact BGE

If you have any questions about this project, please contact BGE at and refer to the Finksburg to Westminster 115 kV Line Rebuild Project. Please include your name and address for prompt follow-up.